'Horizon lines' - original abstract art

'Horizon lines' - original abstract art


From the series ‘grace’. This series of work began when I recently moved country, leaving my home and everything I knew behind. I painted this when everything was new, confusing and raw. New systems, new rules, new temperature, new landscape. These paintings were my Grace. I could sit down and start working on them with no plan or consequence. If I didn't like a layer, I painted over it. There was nothing that couldn't be fixed, it could all be erased and made new. The act of painting them was like a blanket that enveloped me and held me tight. It gave me opportunity to traverse my new landscape and come to terms with my displacement.

Acrylic, oil pastel and pencil on canvas. 40 x 50 cm with a 1.75cm profile.

The painting has had a resin based fixative to protect the work from dust and smearing.

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