Inge Flinte is a painter and photographer based in Dunedin, New Zealand. She explores concepts of home and the everyday through work that captures instances of ordinary life, a practice she refers to as 'notetaking'. This form of 'notetaking' looks at capturing moments of interaction - both past and present - in both photographic and painted forms. Within this practice, she allows an element of chance to affect her work and allows it to guide its development.

Growing up in New Zealand as the child of two immigrant parents and subsequent time living in Japan, the UK and America have all contributed to her strong interest in the concept of home and its constructions. She earned her MFA from the Otago Polytechnic School of Art in 2009.


Artist Statement

Within my arts practice I find myself gravitating toward building a vocabulary of marks and images that I observe in my everyday life, whether it be scuff marks on a wall, light flooding into an empty room or the colours from a walk in a forest;  that I borrow then collate together to form a new image - one that speaks of past experiences and present reality. It tries to make sense of the world that I live in and define it in a new abstract sense.


2012 - Onward Compe ’12 Exhibition, Project Basho Gallery, Philadelphia, USA (Finalist)

2009 - Inge Flinte. Uchi. Otago Polytechnic School of Art Gallery, Dunedin.

2009 - Preview: South Island Artists. Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch, Temple Gallery, Dunedin (touring show).

2009 - Inge Flinte and Max Oettli. Instructional Models. Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin.

2004 - Inge Flinte, Joanna Osborne and Rosy Petterson. Defining Hope, Retort Artspace, Dunedin.

2004 - Inge Flinte and Corin Lines. Design Festa #19, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan.

Published Writing

Flinte I. (2007). Kinnen (Remembrance). Scope art 2.

Maker's Magazine, Issue 3, The Blues


Maker's Movement

Kellee Wynne Studios


The Artist's Room