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I’m a painter and photographer, based in Brisbane, Australia with my husband and three children. My family and I are nomadic by circumstance; I’ve lived in five different countries and the daughter of immigrant parents from opposite ends of the world, and as a consequence my work is often centered around, and plays with the idea of home.

I received my MFA in 2009 and I work predominantly as an abstract painter and also work in photography and alternative photographic processes. I’m inspired by my everyday and my work lives in the realm of the abstract landscape - part creation of my surroundings, part creation of my mind.

My desire to make art comes from both a love of creating as well as a conviction that as a maker; art is a tool that helps our unconscious minds process our complicated lives, and as a viewer, art has the ability to transform spaces to make us feel more at home, more at rest.

My photographic work explores concepts of home and the everyday and continues to explore the constant displacement that I experience from my collective homes. I seek to capture moments of interaction; both past and present, through a process that I refer to as ‘notetaking’.

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